What is an Alliance ?

A non profit-making organisation, known for public use and established in 1883, and introduced overseas, with the objective of teaching the French language. Today, the alliances consist of an international network of local associations, unique in the world with 1040 Alliances Françaises in 136 countries.

Their objectives are :

  • propose French classes , in France and in the world, to the entire public ;
  • to better expose the French culture and cultures of French speaking nations ;
  • to promote cultural diversity in order to highlight all cultures ;

These establishments accommodate more than 460 000 students and close to 6 millions individuals attend their cultural events. The establishment projects were presented to the Fondation AF which carries the label « Alliance Française » after having approved the statutes of the association, and then recognised by the AF de Paris de Paris.

Each representation is then registered according to the laws of the respective country. Self sufficient, each one is managed by a local committee consisting of individuals from the economic, scientific and cultural sectors. They are supported by 230 directors provided by the French State. The 12 000 employed staff – teachers included – are employed on local contracts.


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