The Alliance Française of Saint Lucia hosts Vilaj Manmay (The Children’s Village) conducted by the FRC, following the fire of March 25


Vilaj Manmay (The Children’s Village) is an after-school program organized by the Folk Research Centre (FRC) and supervised by Mrs Juliana Prospere.
This program has been set up for 50 children from Dennery and Castries ages ranging from 9 to 16 years.

Lead by teachers, each session allows the children to meet in a suitable place to:
• do their homework
• understand the main rules of life skill topics (respect, conflict resolution, co-operation, honesty, peer pressure, etc.)
• participate in cultural activities such as drama, dance (folk and modern) art and fine art.

Thanks to this program, the participants learn the importance of their culture and their role in keeping it alive.

Initially, this project was held at FRC building. Due to the fire that destroyed it on March 25th, the Alliance Française de Sainte Lucie proposed its support to the FRC.

So, the ‘Pyramid’ is pleased to welcome the children participating to this program every Monday and Wednesday from 3pm to 5 p.m.!

Dernière modification : 19/06/2018

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