Role and missions

The Embassy is assigned to strengthen relations between France and the O.E.C.S Member States, and also with the O.E.C.S secretariat.

More precisely, the embassy is responsible for :

  • Following the economical and political issues as well as the external policies of the O.E.C.S Member States and to keep the French government abreast of such ;
  • Preparing and taking the necessary steps to monitor official negotiations between the French government and relevant local authorities ;
  • Pursuing integration of the French overseas department of America (Guadeloupe and Martinique) in their regional environment ;
  • Working in collaboration with the Embassies respresenting other European Union member states and with the delegation of European Union in Barbados, in order to give visibility and consistence to external activities of the European Union ;
  • Ensuring the security of French and European citizens in the region, particularly regarding exposure to natural disasters ;

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