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Asot Michael resigns

Source : Caribbean News Service

Trade and Investment Minister Michael Asot has tendered his resignation from the newly formed Antigua and Barbuda government amid speculation that he was among Caribbean politicians who received bribes from a British investor. His departure from the Cabinet is the second occasion within a seven-month period that he has had to forgo his ministerial position. Last year, when he was arrested in United Kingdom while on his way to a conference in France, Prime Minister Gaston Browne subsequently removed him as the Minister for Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy. He still went on to contest the March 21 general election on behalf of the ruling Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party. Despite his resignation from the Cabinet, he still remains a Member of Parliament.


OECS Foreign Ministers conclude Fourth Meeting of Council of Ministers – Foreign Affairs

Source : Dominica News Online

The OECS Council of Ministers – Foreign Affairs recently concluded their fourth meeting in the Bahamas under the Chairmanship of Senator Francine Baron, Minister for Foreign and CARICOM Affairs of the Commonwealth of Dominica. During the meeting, Baron pointed out the challenges facing the region in particular the need to strengthening the regional institutions and to develop processes to adequately respond to emerging crises. The difficulties experienced by the region after Hurricanes Irma and Maria last year and the remarkable example of resilience by Member States were also mentioned.


St Kitts-Nevis opposition leader calls for immediate resignation of Prime Minister

Source : Caribbean News Now

Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Denzil Douglas, has called on Prime Minister Timothy Harris to resign with immediate effect following transcripts produced in a British High Court in connection with bribery investigations against billionaire businessman Peter Virdee and his German business partner. Douglas says the transcripts appear to disclose reasonable grounds to believe that Harris, as well as other Caribbean politicians, are implicated in the matter.



Former Barbados PM warns of economic collapse regardless of election outcome

Source : The St Kitts-Nevis Observer

It appears that no one party has the exact solution for the ailing economy and the woes will continue even after the general election. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthurs is therefore warning Barbadians to brace themselves for stringent economic policies regardless of which party forms the next government. The former leader, who is also an economist, says that an alternative reality cannot be invented and the situation is going to be very difficult.


Opposition asks why Mercury Beach Party is returning to Martinique

Source : The Voice

The famous Mercury Beach event originally out of Martinique and which has been held in Saint Lucia for the past four years, is reported to be moving back to Martinique. The event which is believed to have a direct impact on the economy estimated at EC$12.1 million is providing a unique beach experience to Saint Lucia and visitors alike. The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party is expressing concerns as to why the event is moving back and why the government is not supporting its hosting.

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