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Opposition calls for government of national unity

Dominica News Online

During one of its public meetings last evening in Roseau, the Opposition United Workers Party not only made calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister but also for the formation of a government of national unity. The Leader of the Opposition says that the calls come against the background of corrupt practices by the Prime Minister. He also laid out the tasks of the government of national unity which he clearly says must be appointed through a constitutional process.


Prime Minister Participates in Engagements in Miami and Paris

Grenada Government

The Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchel, who is scheduled to take part in a high level conference organized by the World Bank, in Miami, to discuss broad-based solutions for sustainable growth across the region, will also travel to France where he will be the Featured speaker at the Paris21 Conference.



Barbados still attractive to foreign investors’

Barbados Today

During a visit by the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, the Finance Minister, Chris Sinckler, assured Barbadians that foreign investors are still interested in the country despite its economic status. The Governor, who is also an honorary professor of economics, shared some of his country’s experience with the Minister, including going to the IMF. However, the Government has suggested that there is no need for the country to turn to the international lending institution at this time.



Caribbean can expect continued US cooperation on security

Caribbean News Now

The US Ambassador based in Bridgetown, Linda Taglialatela, says that cooperation in the area of security with the Caribbean region is not expected to discontinue under the Trump administration. The statement came in light of concerns of the likelihood of changes in US-Caribbean relations since Mr Trump assumed the Presidency earlier this year. She further reiterated that there will always be engagement with the Caribbean, since the region is considered as their third border.



State funeral for Sir Cuthbert ; April 10

SKN Vibes

A state funeral with full military honours will be accorded to the late Sir Cuthbert Montraville Sebastian, GCMG, OBE, MD, ED, KSTJ, on Monday 10th April 2017, at the St. George’s Anglican Church on Cayon Street, Basseterre, at 1:30 pm. The body will lie in state at Government House from 8:30am to 12:00 pm on 10th April for public viewing and a Book of Condolences will be opened at Government Headquarters on Friday 7th April from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Monday 10th April from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for public signing.



Rubis’ bid for BNTCL never stood a chance – attorney

Barbados Today

France-based international company Rubis is threatening an all-out war against the government to prevent the sale of the BNTCL to petroleum giant SOL. The interim injunction issued by the High Court has now been extended to May 26. Attorney for the company has put the Government on notice that Rubis intends to trigger the articles of a bilateral investment Treaty between the UK and Barbados, which protects Rubis from unfair practices, considering that the latter was incorporated in Britain.


Brexit team announced – Premier says BVI is proactive

BVI News

In his continued efforts to be proactive in relation to Brexit, the Premier has established a task force which will be headed by the Permanent Secretary in his office, to examine in detail the risks and opportunities being posed by its departure from the EU. The team will also prepare a White Paper on the impact of such. The Premier made it clear that the Territory wants to preserve much of the benefits of its current EU relationships as possible and wants to protect and advance the interest of the BVI in this historic process.


Martinique : Concern over teen suicide ‘game’

St Lucia Times

Schools in the French overseas territory have been alerted over a social media game which encourages players to commit suicide. According to Martinique 1ère, letters have been addressed to school by education authorities on the matter. Similar warnings have also been issued in other European countries.

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