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Herod Stanislas switches portfolios

The Voice

The Ministerial position left vacant following the resignation of Senator Jimmy Henry has now been filled by Honourable Herod Stanislas. His appointment took effect last Monday. He previously served as Minister in the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation. The Prime Minister says that Stanislas has proven to be a dedicated and hard worker. The resignation of Henry left a vacant seat in the Senate on the Government side, which has yet to be filled.


Antigua-Barbuda moves towards stronger relations with Canada

Caribbean News Now

Antigua’s Resident High Commissioner to Canada, Sir Ronald Sanders recently met with the Canadian Prime Minister, Justine Trudeau which is a step further in strengthening relations between the two countries. Sanders also presented a letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of Prime Minister Gaston Browne. The recent visa requirement for Antigua & Barbuda passport holders also formed part of the discussion, which the Canadian Prime Minister intends to ask his officials to look into.


UPP charges that politicians protecting criminals

Barbados Today

Leader of the Opposition United Progressive Party, Lynette Eastmond, who also served as a Minister in the former Labour Party Administration, has charged that persons involved in criminal activities are being protected by politicians, thereby making them untouchable. She further suggested that corruption was common even during the reign of the Barbados Labour Party. She is calling on her fellow citizens to reject that kind of behaviour and stand against crime in the society.



Locals refusing to join police force

SKN Vibes

Advertisements are being made for young men and women to join the police force of the Federation, but according to the Deputy Police Commissioner, Hilroy Brandy, the locals refuse to take up the challenge of a career in national security. He indicates that there is a shortage of officers in the country and the Government has to revert to recruiting regionally. As a result, they recently visited Saint Vincent to conduct the necessary interviews.



One of two systems in the Atlantic could become Tropical Storm Irma

Caribbean 360

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Centre in Miami say they will continue to monitor two systems which both have potential to develop. One of them could possibly become Tropical Storm Irma. The Centre says an Air Force Plane will investigate potential cyclone number 10, which could also strengthen into a storm.


St Lucia PM : “Time is against us” on climate change

Caribbean 360

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Allen Chastanet, says time is running out for small states such as those in the Caribbean to develop infrastructure capable of withstanding the effects of climate change. He reiterated his call for the developed countries to assist those states in that regard. He further lamented that these Small Islands Developing States cannot wait. He also recognized the work done by his predecessors in supporting the climate change agreement of Paris.



Euro rises to 18-month high against dollar

St Lucia Times

The Euro has strengthened in recent months, thereby improving the eurozone’s economy and markets. Euro strength has left the pound sterling at its weakest for almost a year. The euro has hit $1.20 for the first time since January 2015. Such can cause the European Central Bank to cut back the money-printing programme it has been running to repair the ravages of the Eurozone crisis and credit crunch.

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