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Two members of the ruling NDP against their own government’s policy in public

Virgin Islands News Online

During the debate of the Appropriation Act of 2017 in the House of Assembly, two members of the Government side have withdrawn their support to the airport runway expansion project. Hon. Melvin Turnbull says now is not the time for such project and his government needs to make roads, schools and health care the priority.



Grenada citizenship investors urged to exercise caution

Caribbean News Now

UK developer Rex Resorts which operate the Grenadian by Rex Resorts for the past 25 years is in a battle with the government over management of the resort. The government plans to forcibly end the 99 year lease and expropriate the Resort. A court in Grenada has temporarily blocked that plan. Such has brought about concerns among international investors in the Grenada’s citizenship-by-investment program.


Still no clear plan from Sinckler, say analysts

Barbados Today

After a press conference by the on the state of the economy, four respected analysts have warned that the fiscal deficit which the Minister says is in order is unsustainable. The Minister himself admitted that the deficit is “too high” but says his Government is aiming to reduce it by end of March. A prominent retired economist has called on the Government to address the matter with urgency, given its importance to regaining the confidence of international investors.



IMF issues new fiscal warning

Barbados Today

Although the now fired Central Bank Governor had warned that the Barbados dollar was at risk, the Minister of Finance continued to reassure his countrymen that no devaluation was in sight. Despite, the IMF is again warning the Government that it needs to implement a credible fiscal adjustment programme so as to take hold of the stalled economy. The Minister now admits that the fiscal deficit is still “too high” but in the same breath says the country is not facing a “doomsday” scenario.



$100 million more to complete St Jude Hospital

The Voice

After the much talked about technical audit conducted on the St Jude Hospital project, it may cost tax payers much more than originally estimated to complete the lone health institution in the south of the island. The project which has been surrounded by much secrecy and mismanagement with the extremely long delays in its completion is being blamed on the previous SLP administration.



St Kitts-Nevis elections free but not fair, says prominent attorney

Caribbean News Now

In delivering a lecture to celebrate “50 years after statehood”, prominent Attorney Charles Wilkin says that the electoral system is free but certainly not fair because of the grossly inadequate system of qualification, registration of voters and supervision which also give the politicians too much control.


Grenada to ban importation of Styrofoam

Now Grenada

In an effort to engage in proper waste management, thereby protecting the environment, the Government has disclosed its intention to pass legislation to ban the use of Styrofoam and plastic. There will also be new legislations regarding the burning of fire and recycling of products.



Rubis Caribbean Ready for Battle over Oil Terminal Sale in Barbados

Caribbean 360

According to the CEO Mauricio Nicholls, Rubis Caribbean is fighting for its survival and future in Barbados. The French company has served notice in the courts against the deal regarding the proposed sale of the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL) to regional petroleum giant, Sol. The company is anxiously awaiting the decision of the Fair Trading Commission on the matter.


Three escape injury in shipwreck

SKN Vibes

The Divisional Commander for District B is reporting that three individuals, said to be French nationals, sustained no injury after their yacht tossed against the rocks in the wee hours of the morning. According to information received they were travelling from St Martin to Guadeloupe when they encountered navigational problems. The authorities are seeking to confirmation the information which they provided after which they will be allowed to return to their origin.

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