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UK commits to closer relations with CARICOM

Caribbean News Now

New High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to the Eastern Caribbean and CARICOM has pledged her country’s continued support and closer relations with the region, despite the many challenges which her country faces at this time. She was presenting her credentials to CARICOM Secretary-General when those statements were made.


Dominica votes against failed US-backed resolution on Venezuela

Dominica News Online

While some countries of the region are in support of US-backed resolution on Venezuela and a few others abstained, Dominica voted against such. The resolution however failed since it fell three votes short of the 23 required to be passed. Maduro has described the failed resolution as a victory for him. Dominica has been a staunch ally of Venezuela and has sided with the troubled South American nation in its current row with the OAS.


So long, GG

Barbados Today

A special worship was held in honour of Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave to mark his retirement. Sir Belgrave affectionately known as the “People’s Governor General” will demit office at the end of this month, after serving for five years. So far no replacement has been named as local representative of the British monarchy.



DPP apologizes to Justice Clark-Charles

Dominica Vibes

A dispute which became public has been finally settled after the Director of Public Prosecution Evelina Baptiste apologized to High Court Judge, Victoria Charles-Clarke. The Judge blamed the office of the DPP for delay in court matters which had the latter saying that the judge was acting in both positions.


Gov’t wants quarry blast probe resolved

The Voice

The report for the quarry explosion which took place in March this year and which was compiled by both local and foreign investigators is now in the hands of the Director of Public Prosecution, Daarsrean Greene. Prime Minister Chastanet gave the assurance that his government will do all within its power to see a speedy resolution to the matter. Four persons died as a result and thirty-one others were wounded.


Dominican journalist detained and questioned in England

Dominica News Online

A Dominican journalist, who is also a retired referee was detained and questioned in the United Kingdom while on his way to Brussels. Carlisle Jno Baptiste said he was questioned by authorities for approximately tent to fifteen minutes at the Gatwick Airport, and his bag, computer and camera were also searched. He was then told the he was from a high-risk country. He calls the situation embarrassing.



EU leaders says UK Brexit offer could worsen situation

St Lucia News Online

British Prime Minister, Theresa May has given the assurance that EU citizens who had made their lives and homes in her country would have their rights guaranteed after Brexit in March 2019. Some EU leaders have criticized the offer, with one saying that it could worsen the situation. About 3.2 million EU citizens live in the UK, while an estimated 1.2 million Britons live in the EU countries.

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