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Linton goes to office in Parliament building ; says he has Constitutional right

Dominica News Online

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, returned to his office in the Parliament building today where he was barred from entering two days ago. Linton says according to the Constitution of the land, he has every right to enter the building so as to access the office assigned to him in the capacity of Leader of the Opposition. He went further to quote the sections of the Constitution which relate to such right.


SLP to PM : Stop politicising CIP Unit

St Lucia Times

In a press release issued today, the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on Prime Minister Chastanet to stop politicising the Citizenship by Investment Unit. The SLP says that the party is surprised that it is the Unit that has issued a response. The SLP also believes that the CIP unit must remain professional and objective and not allow political operatives to direct or interfere in its decisions.


OECS, Maduro agree to initiative to “advance peace, good governance” in Venezuela

I Witness News

President Maduro of Venezuela made an unannounced visit to St Vincent where a continuation of the 64th Meeting of the OECS Authority was taking place. A joint press conference was held during which time Prime Minister Harris of Saint Kitts, who is also the Chair of that meeting, says that the OECS will work appropriately to establish an appropriate mission to the South American nation. The have also agreed on an initiative that would advance peace, good governance and dialogue.



US donation of equipment to St Lucia may be unlawful

Caribbean News Now

The recent donation of office equipment and supplies to the office of the DPP in Saint Lucia by the United States Embassy in Bridgetown has come into question as to whether such is legally permitted considering that sanctions were imposed in relation to the island’s security forces. St Lucia was forbidden under the “Leahy Law” from receiving any security related assistance from the US, in 2013, following evidence of extrajudicial killing by the island’s security forces.



US $34-million solar street lights project for Dominica

Dominica News Online

The Government of China will provide the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica with solar lights which will be installed across the island. The undertaking is not only set to mitigate the effects of climate change in the island but also to reduce the consumption of electricity thereby reducing the budget of the Government.



Brexit : British economist says go to London now

Antigua Observer

During a round table on the implication of Brexit for Antigua & Barbuda and the wider Caribbean, a British economist dismissed the many gloomy post Brexit outlooks for UK-Caribbean trade. He is actually urging Antigua & Barbuda to engage the UK immediately on trade matters. Britain is set to officially exit from the European Union in 2019.


OECS states should not be separated like they are geographically

Dominica Vibes

OECS Commissioner Ambassador Osbourne says that member states should not let the waters that separate us geographically also separate us economically, socially and environmentally. He also noted that many barriers were broken when the French territory of Martinique joined the organisation as an associated state. He also noted that shortly another French territory will join the organisation.

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