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PM addresses the nation after Tuesday’s riot

Dominica Vibes

Prime Minister Skerrit addressed the nation on Wednesday evening after the riots which took place in the Capital Roseau following a public meeting held by the opposition United Workers Party and the remnants of the Dominican Freedom Party, which he claimed wants to overthrow his government. He also took time to commend the Dominica Police for containing the situation.


Linton shoots down claim of government overthrow

Dominica News Online

Opposition Leader and Leader of the United Workers Party has dismissed claims made by Prime Minister Skerrit, that there were plans to storm the Financial Centre and overthrow the government at a public meeting organised by his party on Tuesday. The Prime Minister made such claims during an address to the nation on Wednesday night, saying that the police had intelligence to support such.


Prime Minister Keith Mitchell Independence Address

Grenada Government

In his address to celebrate the 43rd Independence anniversary of Grenada, Prime Minister Keith Mitchell stated the achievements of the country so far and urged the nation to remain patriotic and unified and that they must never be afraid to dream.


St. Kitts and Nevis formalizes bilateral relations with thirteen new countries in 2 years

SKN Vibes

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation, Honourable Mark Brantley, says that his Ministry has formalised relations with 13 additional countries since assuming office. The Federation has established relations with Belarus, Bolivia, Croatia, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Kosovo, The Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, The Gambia, Saudi Arabia and Senegal. In that regard, they have embarked on negotiations to institute reciprocal visa waiver arrangements.


Where is the comparison, Prime Minister ?” asks the SLP

St Lucia News Online

The St Lucia Labour Party says that the Prime Minister is trying to justify his actions in signing the agreement with the Desert Star Holding, without any discussion. During the Parliament sitting on Wednesday the Prime Minister read a letter which former Prime Minister Dr Anthony addressed to a developer regarding the purchasing of Le Paradis Hotel. The SLP says that the mentioned letter had been made available to the Media several weeks ago.



Deltro gets planning permission for solar plant

Barbados Today

A Canadian based energy company, Deltro Group Ltd, has finally received approval from the relevant authorities to proceed with the construction of its US$40 million solar panel manufacturing facility and 10-megawatts solar farm. It promises to provide energy to Barbadians “much cheaper” than what they pay currently.


The opposition NDC is unhappy with Governments approach to the CIP

Now Grenada

Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress, Senator Nazim Burke, has expressed his party’s grievances with the manner in which the government is handling the Citizenship by Investment Programme. He says that the Government does not comply with the CIP’s procedures, particularly in that which concerns filing report and giving account to Parliament.



32 arrested for Tuesday’s riots

Dominica Vibes

The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force has detained thirty-two individuals (all male) in connection with the riot and vandalism which took place in the Capital on Tuesday. Despite efforts by the police to clear the roads, they were met with much resistance. The Fire and Ambulance Services were even summoned to assist with a fire set on the roadside by the crowd.



AID Bank records $1.2 million in profit for 2016

Dominica News Online

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank), the lending institution has made a profit of EC$1.2 million for the financial year ending June 30th 2016, despite the “mounting uncertainty to finance lending operations.” The said bank plays an important developmental role which is not compared to that of other commercial banks.



Regional conference to tackle childhood obesity

Antigua Observer

In response to growing concerns among regional health officials relating to childhood obesity, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is hosting a two-day high level meeting to map out a plan to prevent such through improved food and nutrition security. The Executive Director of CARPHA has noted that it is not an easy task, but said that the region is up to the challenge.

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