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St Kitts-Nevis opposition seeks PM’s resignation amid brewing scandal

Caribbean News Now

Former Prime Minister, now Leader of the Opposition, is calling on the resignation of Prime Minister Harris over the Chinese economic citizen currently in the Federation who is wanted in his home country on financial charges. Dr Douglas says that the Government is refusing to cooperate on the return of Mr Ren Biao despite formal requests by China as well as Interpol.


Friday says PM’s position on IADC accounts ‘unfortunate and incorrect’

I Witness News

The Opposition continues to lament the need for accountability by public companies. In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday says that the Prime Minister’s statements regarding government owned and controlled corporations not having any obligations to lay their audited financial statements before Parliament, is unfortunate and incorrect. He says that the position of the Prime Minister, who is also the Minister for Finance, is strictly legalistic. Despite, he is stilling calling for the accounts of the IADC, the company responsible for the construction of the Argyle International Airport, to be laid before Parliament.


Appropriations bill on Tuesday

The Voice

Parliamentarians will meet on Tuesday to debate the Appropriations Bill in the House of Assembly. Last week they debated the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, and will this week debate the policies of the government and the impact which such will have on the country. The sitting is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m.



Sinckler rejects Worrell’s IMF prescription

Barbados Today

Finance Minister Chris Sinckler is rejecting calls by Former Governor of the Central Bank to seek help from the International Monetary Fund regarding the country’s economic situation. Two other economists, including Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, have made the same calls. The Minister says he is yet to see the logic of such since going to the international financial institution is unlikely to bring any immediate tangible benefits.



Comissiong calls for fact-finding mission to Venezuela

Barbados Today

Following his visits to Venezuela, Mr. David Comissiong, spokesman for the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network in Defense of Humanity is calling on the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to deploy an investigative team to the country to have an independent and objective assessment of the situation over there, considering the long-standing relationship between the South American nation and its member states.


AG stands firm on Govt. Policy in alleged Chinese fugitive saga

SKN Vibes

The Attorney General, who is also the Minister for Justice, has come to the defense of his Administration on allegations of harbouring a Chinese-born economic citizen currently residing in Saint Kitts, who is reportedly on the Interpol Wanted List. He further noted that the Federation does not have diplomatic relations with China and therefore, they are yet to approach his Government on any matter, while indicating that the said individual is due the same rights as any other citizen guaranteed by the Constitution.



Macron wins French presidency, to European allies’ relief

Antigua Observer

39 year old centrist Emmanuel Macron defeated far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen convincingly on Sunday to become France’s youngest leader since Napoleon. This emphatic victory will bring huge relief to European allies who feared another disruption to the European Union. Outgoing President Hollande says the results indicate that his fellow citizens have united around the values of the Republic and show their attachment to the EU.


Third of French voters spoiled ballots or abstained

Dominica Vibes

According to official results, with 80 per cent of the votes already counted, a third of French voters declined to choose between the two candidates in the elections which took place on Sunday. With an abstention record at 24.52 percent and a record number of blank and invalid ballots, which made it a record rate since the presidential election in 1969, Macron still emerged victorious. Casting a blank ballot is traditionally used by a disgruntled voter as a protest vote.

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