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St Lucia opposition pledges to review ever citizenship granted by current government

Caribbean News Now

The main opposition St Lucia Labour Party is at it again with the Allen Chastanet-led administration over the changes to the Citizenship by Investment Programme. The changes which were supposed to be tabled and debated at the last sitting of Parliament were removed from the order paper, which led to a walk-out by the opposition. In that light, the SLP has pledged to review every citizenship granted by this government under the programme.


St Kitts-Nevis government to introduce campaign finance law

Caribbean News Now

The Prime Minister reassured the country that campaign financing is part of his government’s agenda when it comes to good governance. His statement comes in light of allegations of unaccounted campaign funds made by three former executive members of his own party. He said that legal action was already being initiated regarding that matter.


Edison James responds to statements by PM Skerrit on international airport

Dominica News Online

Former Prime Minister and Former Leader of the United Workers Party, Edison James, has responded to claims made by Prime Minister Skerrit during a town hall meeting earlier this week, regarding the construction of an international airport. The Prime Minister categorically stated that blame should be landed on the Former Prime Minister for the country not having such a facility. Mr James calls the statements “rubbish” and says that these types of remarks come from an incompetent leader.



St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment applications hit bottom

Dominica News Online

Former Minister for Education, Information and Agriculture, now Opposition Senator, Hon. Nigel Carty, says that the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme has died a natural death. He says that such is due to the negative impact coming from the onslaught of the programme by the then opposition party led by Timothy Harris, which is now in government. The country has moved from 1976 applications in 2014 to 150 in 2016 and the programme which was once rated number one in the world is now lauded as number 2 in the Caribbean.



Draft crime reduction strategy to go to Cabinet shortly

SKN Vibes

According to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Cabinet will soon receive the draft of the crime reduction strategy which came out of the crime symposium held in the Federation about two months ago. Over 100 stakeholder groups were involved in the processing of this important undertaking.


Equipment Donation to DPP’s Office by US Embassy is “Vote of Confidence”

St Lucia Star

The United States Embassy, through its International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office, made a donation of office equipment and supplies totalling EC$100,000 to the Crown Prosecution Services in Saint Lucia. The Director of Public Prosecution received such on behalf of the crown. US Ambassador Taglialatela says that Saint Lucia and the United States enjoy excellent and productive relations, and that similar donations will be made to the High Court and the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. She says that they are committed to supporting Prime Minister Chastanet’s efforts to strengthen the rule of law in the country.


Chastanet : Border Control entity coming

St Lucia Times

The Customs & Excise Department, Immigration Department and the Police Marine Unit will become one entity. The Prime Minister says his government has plans to create a Border Control entity which will encompass all these departments, and which will beef up the Royal St Lucia Police Force. He says we need to have better control of our borders and he is assuring the population and our neighbours that we will make it more difficult for drugs to be transported in this area. He is hoping to have the support of the United States, the British, Canadians and Europeans in delivering that promise.



Antigua-Barbuda strongly objects to being listed as a tax haven by Illinois

Caribbean News Now

Antigua & Barbuda’s ambassador to the United States has expressed strong objections to legislation listing the country as a tax haven in the state of Illinois. The Ambassador has written to authorities of Illinois on the matter stating a number of facts as to why this is unjust and warrants urgent rectification. He also noted the disastrous consequences that such could have on his country, in particular the relations between banks of the US and Antigua & Barbuda.



CARICOM hails relationship with European Union

Antigua Observer

It is 60 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome, and a ceremony was held to mark that anniversary, during which time the Chairman of CARICOM hailed its ongoing relationship with the European Union. He said the Community shared many of the same goals of the Union, particularly that of international peace and economic integration, which is the basis on which the treaty was signed.


Rubis gives economy vote of confidence

Barbados Today

Chief Executive Officer of Rubis West Indies Ltd, Mauricio Nicholls, says that despite the many challenges which the country is facing, he remains confident in the economy. He spoke of signs of investment and is hoping that such will continue. The France-based petroleum company, who took over from Chevron about six years ago, is involved in a legal battle with the Government over the sale of the country’s lone oil terminal facility.


Regions anxious for trade deal with Britain post-Brexit

Barbados Today

A two-day forum is being held among developmental agencies, regional bodies and government officials on the implications of Brexit for the Economic Partnership Agreement. CARICOM officials are uncertain about trading with Britain after its departure from the EU, since it will no longer be a party to the EPA. The Agreement which was signed in 2008 gave preferential trade deals to CARICOM member states.


PM address Paris 21 Board meeting

Grenada Government

Prime Minister of Grenada says the implementation of the CARICOM action plan on statistics which was developed in 2014 in his country, must be made a priority for the Small Islands Developing States. During an address in Paris, he noted that the plan is important particularly since the region is trying to deliver on sustainable development goals and national strategic plans.

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