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PM wants Linton to pay up

Dominica Vibes

The Opposition Leader Lennox Linton during his speech at a youth rally in 2014 accused the Skerrit Cabinet of raping young persons in exchange for public assistance at the expense of the state. Some 18 claimants including the Prime Minister himself filed lawsuits against him. He was asked to apologise for the unfounded statement within 48 hours which he refused to do and the High Court ruled against him. Skerrit is now asking Linton to pay him his share.


Grenada Foreign Minister admitted to inappropriate language on Venezuela:PM Mitchell

Grenada Government

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell admits that the language used by his Foreign Minister Elvin Nimrod may not have been appropriate. This comes following statements made by the Minister at a gathering to celebrate longstanding relations between Grenada and Venezuela. The Minister was quoted as saying that Grenada would support Venezuela no matter what.


Caracas To ‘Vexit’ From OAS-But Where Do CARICOM and OECS Stand ?

The Voice

Well known journalist Earl Bousquet says that the situation in Venezuela has not only created a fracas in the OAS but the division has now reached CARICOM and OECS. He says the OAS vote on a meeting to discuss the future of Venezuela is testimony. The Venezuelan President has already met with OECS Heads, as well as the ACS leaders but has yet to meet with CARICOM.



“RISKY AND DANGEROUS” – Opposition Leader Describes Govt’s Budget Plans

The Voice

The Opposition Leader says the 2017/2018 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure delivered by the Allen Chastanet Administration is risky and dangerous and will take the country to the International Monetary Fund. Pierre says the Government inherited a surplus when they entered in June last year but has reversed that to a deficit in one year.


Member States discuss requirements for OECS Customs Union and free circulation of goods

St Lucia News Online

The OECS Commission is undertaking a series of consultations for the OECS member States regarding the removal of import formalities on goods traded within the Customs Union and on border regulatory procedures regarding goods imported from countries outside of the region. The free circulation of goods in the OECS Economic union is expected to lead to increased intra-OECS trade and investment as well as improve the quality of life of the citizens.



IMF study : Fix the tax system

Nation News

An IMF senior economist Stephane Schlotterbeck has pointed to several shortcomings in the Barbados Taxation System claiming that the establishment of the Barbados Revenue Authority has not helped in that regard and has distracted the authorities from the reforms needed. He also raised concern about the value added tax system in the country.



Alert raised after Kick ’em Jenny erupts : More than 40 tremors recorded

Caribbean 360

There has been increased volcanic activity over the past few days at Kick ‘em Jenny underwater volcano according to the Seismic Research Centre at the University of the West Indies. The Centre nevertheless indicated that there was no tsunami threat so far. The Grenada National Disaster Management Agency has reported at least 43 low magnitude volcanic earthquakes.



U.S. issues travel alert for Europe, citing threat of terrorist attacks

Antigua Observer

The United States Department has issued yet another travel alert for Europe after the previous one ended in February. This came following recent incidents of terror attacks in France, Russia, Sweden and the UK. The new alert expires on 1st September 2017.

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