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Unease in BLP’s Christ Church West camp

Barbados Today

There are reports of serious internal rumblings within the Christ Church West constituency of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

BLP told to apply pressure on Govt

Barbados Today

Political scientist Peter Wickham is advising the Opposition to keep Government’s feet to the fire on the CLICO debacle to get relief for thousands of affected policyholders.

BLP chastises Govt

Barbados Today

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is chastising Government for building housing estates that low-income earners can’t afford to rent.


Issues and Unanswered Questions Pile Up the Day Before Polling Day

WinnFM News

Opposition candidates were reporting that there were names missing off the final voters register, names on the list of persons who were objected to but whose …

Nearly 6000 New Voters in St. Kitts Since Last Election

WinnFM News

The number of voters in St. Kitts has grown by nearly 6000 persons (5859) since the 2010 general elections, according to figures available to WINN FM over the weekend.

Powell has concerns about early voting process

WinnFM News

Unity candidate for constituency # 2 Jonel Powell is expressing concern with voting activity at polling station 1 Saturday, the day of early voting of the Essential Services workers.

Voting confusion clarified in Old Road

WinnFM News

There seemed to have been some miscommunication between Team Unity party agents and the party secretariat regarding some persons who were to vote in Old Road.

WINN FM’s Early Voting Coverage

WinnFM News

Today, Saturday February 14th is Polling Day for essential services workers in St. Kitts and Nevis.

St Kitts-Nevis goes to the polls as issues and unanswered questions pile up

Caribbean News Now

There were many unanswered questions on Sunday from voters and some candidates about Monday’s general election in St Kitts and Nevis.


UWP Leader Tells Gov’t On Boundaries : ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’

The Voice SLU Online

AN attempt to prevent the Boundaries Commission Report from coming into effect is shaping up with a call by the United Workers Party Political Leader, Allen Chastanet to civil society and other organizations to write to the Prime Minister asking him to review the matter.

Fired, But What Will Mary Isaac Do Next ?

The Voice SLU Online

ST LUCIANS are anxiously awaiting the next move in the ongoing controversy in the Civil Service Association over the fate of President Mary Isaac.

Isaac : At least she never touched the Mace !

The Star

On his DBS show TALK on Thursday, Rick Wayne could not resist commenting on the beleaguered CSA president and freshman UWP senator Mary Isaac’s shocking interruption of Wednesday’s House session.

Remember ‘Glass In Your Ass ?’

The Star

If you have Betty Davis eyes, by which I mean to say wonderful to behold eyes that see naught that is not superficial, chances are you perceived Tuesday’s televised House meeting as just another brazen insult to the intelligence of a nation—72 percent of whose workforce are too dumb to access available jobs.

Navigating the fault lines that determine our political fate

The Star

Over the past few days the public has been inundated with competing perspectives on the constituency boundaries realignment issue.



Calls made for CTO to do more

Antigua Observer

Key players in the tourism industry are questioning the recent figures released by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, (CTO) and are calling on the regional body to implement marketing strategies that will promote the Caribbean as a year round destination.


Woman’s missing car found burnt

Antigua Observer

A young woman who went out to have fun with friends at ‘Music is Life’ love show on Valentine’s night, got a shock when she returned to the area and discovered her blue Rav 4 missing early the following morning.



Gov’t to launch 2015 Carnival month end

Antigua Observer

Government has announced plans to launch Carnival 2015 at the end of February.


Big Independence Plans – Organizers Urge Mass Participation

The Voice SLU Online

THIS year’s Independence celebrations are expected to take on greater meaning, says a member of the National Independence Coordinating Committee (NICC).



Sanders back in running for Commonwealth secretary-general

Caribbean News Now

Some two months after withdrawing his government’s nominee for the post of Commonwealth secretary-general, prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, has now written to fellow heads of government of the Commonwealth Caribbean to reinstate his nomination…


Agreement signed for soil mapping project for Dominica and the OECS

Caribbean News Now

Following discussions held between a Moroccan agricultural technical team and the ministry of agriculture and fisheries, a cooperation agreement was signed for the implementation of the soil fertility mapping project in Dominica.



More Seats – Another Blunder

By The Editor

HOW many more blunders shall we allow Kenny D. Anthony to place upon our backs and by extension “fair Helen.” Here is an individual who worked tirelessly to implement a labour code which cost him the 2006 general elections.

Why Chastanet Has S.L.P Spooked

By Anton Fulgence

IT is now clear why the St Lucia Labour Party is so relentless in its campaign of attacks on Allen Chastanet.

There’s Value In Agitation

By Abetta Country

IT is painfully evident that as a people too many citizens of Saint Lucia of voting age have not properly understood the role of the electorate…

Boundaries Commission Report – Right ?

By John Peters

THE Constituencies Boundaries Commission Report raises a fundamental issue of our democracy, whether it should be embedded in selection or representation.

Dropping In On Democracy’s Dropouts

By Clement Wulf-Soulage

IS there something in the volcanic air that makes St. Lucia’s politicians consume each other in campaigns of internecine fighting rather than actually working for the best interests of the nation as a whole ?.....

Fuel Prices Are Now All Right

By Stan Bishop

NOW that fuel prices have indeed decreased further, there seems to be an overwhelming sense that the government did the right thing by giving especially the small man and woman some reprieve.

Fairness And Balance


POLITICIANS are notorious for practising opportunism and convenience, and seeking advantages over opponents at any cost.




Prepping old Fire Station for demolition !

UWP Leader calls out King again !

Government seeks economic citizentship feedback

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