Press release from the French Embassy in Castries

20th January 2014

The BATRAL DUMONT D’URVILLE, a vessel of the Armed Forces of the French West Indies will make a call to port Castries on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, at Berth n°5, by the Ferry Terminal.

It will carry 30 tons (65 pallets) of humanitarian supplies for the people of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines who were severely affected by the tropical storm of 24th December 2013. The recipients of this consignment are the Red Cross of Saint Lucia and of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines respectively, as well as NEMO Saint Lucia.

This journey by the NAVAL VESSEL is the result of the mobilization efforts of the French state, through the French Embassy in Saint Lucia, the Armed Forces of the French West Indies, the Inter-ministerial Staff of the French West Indies, in close collaboration with the Regional Council of Martinique, the local communities and Non-Governmental Organization, who all came together to display an outburst of exemplary solidarity.

The main donors are as follow : MEDEF Martinique (private company), Department of Education of Martinique, Mayors of Ducos and Anse d’Arlet, Red Cross of Martinique,, Rotary Club of Martinique, Antilles Glaces, Urgences Caraïbes, Bay Lanmin, the St Lucia Consulate in Martinique and the Convent of Cluny ./.

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