France is fully involved in the fight against narcotics trafficking in the West Indies

Since the beginning of 2018, 3697 kg of drugs have been seized at sea by French authorities in the West Indies:
• 2054 kg of cocaine,
• 1643 kg of marijuana

On the night of 17th to 18th June 2018, the Germinal surveillance frigate with the support of its Panther helicopter and the C26 aircraft of the Regional Security system seized 25 bales of marijuana (equivalent to 497.5 kg) at sea and then handed to the OCRTIS point (Central Office of repression of illicit drug trafficking) of the French West Indies, in co-referral with the National Police.

On 25th June, a second operation was carried out thanks to the joint action of the Alouette III helicopter of the French Navy and the Customs patrol vessel DF44. A speed boat was intercepted and 272 kg of marijuana was recovered and handed over to OCRTIS. Two of the three occupants aboard were apprehended a few days later by the Antiguan authorities.

Then, on the night of 14th to 15th July, the Germinal surveillance frigate, again with its Panther helicopter, intercepted a speed boat, in cooperation with the C26 aircraft of the RSS and handed over 3 suspects and 13 bales of marijuana totaling 332 kg, to the French judicial authorities.

Finally, on Friday, 20th July, the Germinal surveillance frigate conducted a new operation in the fight against narcotics at sea, in cooperation with the Customs vessel star DF24, based in St. Martin. This operation made it possible to intercept a sailboat, the LIVIE, and to seize on board 53 bales of cocaine representing a total of 1,506 kg. The drugs and the two occupants of the boat were handed over on the evening of 20th July to the judicial authorities.

This operation is the largest drug seizure in the area since April 2015, when French Customs intercepted a sailboat “Silandra” which was carrying on board 2.25 tons of cocaine.

Dernière modification : 31/07/2018

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