FAA: period of operational training for Dominican cadets

From 29th August to 2nd September 2016, the first combat team of the 33rd Marine Infantry Regiment (33rd RIMA) hosted and provided training to a contingent of 24 cadets and five officers from Dominica for a week of intensive operational training.

The week consisted of basic military training on reflex actions (move, observe and progress) and the elementary actions of a fighter (move, post and use his weapon), but also instructions on joint missions by the army.

To learn the reflex actions, the 33rd RIMa organized a timekeeping orienteering race with the Fort Desaix for the Dominican cadets and their officers. The Dominicans also learnt how to establish and maintain a check point with searching of vehicles, security palpation and control of the individual in case of an aggressive reaction. Beyond the training in combat techniques, the 33rd RIMa also gave instruction to the aid of combat level 1, an introduction to the techniques of close operational measures and conducted training in the physical preparation of recruits.

As part of their missions, the armed forces in the French West Indies maintain close relations with all the nations of the Caribbean. Located at thirty kilometers north of Martinique, and seventy kilometers south of Guadeloupe, the island of Dominica is an integral part of those nations with which the armed forces undertake regular cooperation activities.


Photo credits: M.Monjardé©Marine nationale

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