Europe Day Celebration in Dominica

JPEGThe European Union delegation in Barbados chose to celebrate Europe Day in Dominica from 8th to 10th 2013 May 2013 by making site visits to and presentation of projects funded by Europe as well as a reception on 9th May in the presence of the State Highest officials. The French Ambassador in Castries was in attendance.

JPEGAmong the various projects supported by the European Union of which France is one of the main contributors, were the launching of banana accompanying measures (54 M EC dollars or 15 M€), the setting up of a network for supplying water, the West Coast Water Supply project, a health project (the neonatal Unit of Princess Margaret Hospital) and the geothermal project which is co-financed with the Agence française de développement. Finally, the inauguration of the hiking trail crossing the island, the Waitukubuli, (implemented with the technical support of the regional council of Martinique) gave rise to a solemn declaration setting up this project as an ecotourism site.


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