Consular visits in Port of Spain and Bridgetown

The French Embassy to the OECS Member States and to Barbados, in residence in Saint Lucia is pleased to inform French nationals of a consular visit in Port of Spain (4 - 6 February 2019) and in Bridgetown (7 - 8 February 2019) to collect passport applications. No visa application will be processed during this time.

The administrative fees are as follows:

Adult passport: 96 euros (equivalent to 733.00 TTD/ 218.00 BBD)

Passport for a minor (15 years and older) – 52 euros (equivalent to 397.00 TTD/118.00 BBD)

Passport for a minor (below 15 years) – 27 euros (equivalent to 206.20 TTD/61.50 BBD)

Please note that these fees are subject to change depending on the exchange rate. Take into account a possible increase.

Passport applications for children below 12 years of age may be submitted during this visit, in the presence of the child and at least one parent.

Supporting Documents (Passport Application)

Renewal of Passport

-  Copy of expired passport
-  One coloured passport sized photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm
-  Proof of residence (utility bill stating applicant’s name/name of parent in case of a minor)
-  Recent copy of birth certificate issued less than three months ago for first time applicants (If you were born in a French country/department)
-  Authorization letter from parent not attending the interview, in the case of a minor
-  Parent’s ID (in the case of a minor)
-  Passport fee
-  In the case of a minor, the height is needed

Your application will not be processed without the said documents.

Dernière modification : 17/01/2019

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