Celebration of French language and culture, and creole during Francophonie month

As done annually, the month of March is the occasion to pay homage to French culture and the French language which is practiced by 220 million people throughout the world.

On this occasion, a multiplicity of events took place in the Caribbean Eastern States. One will clearly remember the key periods during the regional tour of the group Fethi Tabet, whose multicultural musical realm come from various nationalities (Algerian, Cameroonian, French, Senegalese, etc) and several cinema festivals French-speaking personalities presenting Senegalese, Lebanese, Canadian (Québécois) and Belgians films.

These events were also the occasion to pay tribute to the creole language, by putting forward the historical, cultural and linguistic heritage which the Eastern Caribbean States share with the French Departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Mr Claude Kiavué, the percussionist from Guadeloupe, Habdaphai, the artist from Martinique, and also as Dr. Bernoit Bérard, archaeologist and anthropologist, who hosted a conference on the origin of the people of the region, were also honoured.

Among the other activities of Francophonie month, one can note the reading, dictation or singing competitions which took place in the schools, as well as the training courses and masterclass in the music schools, but also the presentation of several prizes to distinguished persons within the framework of the promotion of French language and Creole.

Dernière modification : 09/08/2017

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