Accredition of France to the O.E.C.S

It is in a favorable context, beneficial to the development of regional integration of the “Lesser Antilles” that the OECS and France chose to establish diplomatic relations.

In fact, for more than 20 years France has carried out co-operation projects with the OECS Secretariat in various fields such as health, education and protection of the environmental which are considered priority areas for the Secretariat, and in which France has considerable expertise.

Over the years, the O.E.C.S has not ceased its efforts of regional integration, particularly through the implementation of a common currency. 18th June 2010 marked a new era in the development of this organisation among its Member States with the signing of a new agreement revising the Treaty of Basseterre [1] and establishing an economic union.

For its part, France recently reaffirmed, with the hosting of EGOM and the Interministerial Council of Overseas territories in 2009, its desire to further integrate the Overseas territories in the regional environment.

In that regard, this accreditation not only formalizes and strengthens the old bonds but it also predicts new prospects for co-operation.

[1] The O.E.C.S was created 18 June 1981 with the signing of the Treaty of Basseterre.

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